Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Cross Country Season Recap

Well I was really pleased in how I finished my senior cross country season! My district meet was on October 28, and I came in 3rd place overall and completed the 3 mile course in 16:57 which was a Personal Record! My team also came in 2nd place overall which I was very happy about. Last year I came in 10th place at district and our team came in last place, so good improvements! Then we had our regional meet on November 5th in San Antonio. I didn't have as good as a performance, but I ran the 5k course in 17:35 and came in 79th place out of about 180 runners.

After my regional meet, I took a well needed off week from running and just did some cross training with P90X. The next week, I began training for Indoor track with my personal coach. She had me on a very rigorous schedule. Her plan for me that week was to run about 60 miles in 6 days with running twice on 3 of them. However, it did not turn out well. Mentally, I was prepared to push my body, but my body and muscles were not. The most I have ran in the past was 50 miles a week, so trying to run 60 with no running the past week took its toll on me. After 4 days of training, I developed a super tight left calf and an inflamed Achilles tendon. So much for staying injury free! So, it has almost been 4 weeks since that has occurred and I am still recovering. My calf is all better, but my Achilles is still bothering me a bit. I should be able to start running again within the next week or so, but I am probably not going to end up running indoor track since I have lost 4 weeks of training. I might end up running a meet or two in February, but I rather build up a strong foundation for outdoor track. I still have been using P90X and the One on Ones to stay in shape though. I know my upper body and core have gotten stronger, but I have probably lost some endurance and leg strength since I haven't been running.

I also have ordered the P90X2 Deluxe Package!!! I should be receiving it in a week or two, and I am super excited! I love the fact that it is going to be based more on athletic performance, so it should be a great supplement along with my running.

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